Township Recreation Centre: update

At Council on Feb. 10 there is a report providing update on the initiative to build a multi use recreation complex at northwest corner of 15h SDRD/ Dufferin on Seneca lands.  Captial budget of $37million has been approved and preliminary work is underway.  Confirmation of specific amenities is still in process; design parameters are to include at minimum full sized NHL ice surface, indoor recreational pool, athletic spaces, community rooms.  Any additions are assessed in context of staying within budget.  In the report is full update and concept drawings of amenity placement.  Construction could begin in fall 2020.

2 Responses to “ “Township Recreation Centre: update”

  1. Jennifer Anstey says:

    Thanks, Debbie. These updates are so helpful. I had posted a question on Speak King but hadn’t heard back… Is the total budget for this build $37 million? I have doubts that such a large facility can be built for that much. 10 years ago Trisan was built for $15 million and that didn’t include a pool. How much will the annual maintenance fees be and who is responsible for paying them?

    • Debbie says:

      Hello Jennifer, All I can say is that the capital budget is $37million. I presume that Staff got quality estimates for it. If really wrong we will have to make some tough choices: reduce/change or increase the budget. Both choices will be debated and made in a very public manner. I know that the King City library project had to be modified to keep it within budget; and the choices made were very unpopular. I say this simply to show that increasing the budget is not an obvious, foregone conclusion by Council (The new Municipal Center also came in on budget with some hard choices too.) As to maintenance fees….the users and the tax payers as all recreational services are subsidized to some degree.

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