2195 King Road: re-development

On March 9 Council agenda there is a report regarding an application for 2195 King Road  to permit an addition at the back to an existing dwelling.  The outcome is desirable in that there is conversion of the property to professional office which represents positive economic development. Its a very visible heritage property being re-purposed and expanded in a very complimentary manner; accordingly it will enhance the streetscape which reflects our history.     Its good to see the forward thinking about future possibilities of connecting driveways and parking areas to other properties.   I am disappointed to read that 3 trees will be removed on the east side presumably to enable creation of the shared driveway. I will be asking questions about this to ensure that alternatives have been  assessed; and also to understand the compensation plan. In addition I want to confirm that the large mature tree on west side is not being removed and will be protected,

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