COVID-19: working through unique situation

March 19 the province introduced new legislation to help protect jobs, keep store shelves stocked and give municipal councils the flexibility to continue operations while maintaining social distance
o The Employment Standards Amendment Act, 2020 provides job-protected leave to employees in isolation or those who need to be away from work to care for children or other relatives
o The Municipal Emergency Act, 2020 will ensure the delivery of goods to Ontario businesses and consumers is not impacted by municipal noise bylaws, and gives municipalities the ability to fully conduct Council, board and committee meetings electronically

The Township Staff continue to be focused on delivering core services while there is priority to protect the health of all staff members and to respect their individual needs to look after their own families.  As I think is true for all businesses, the overall situation is being monitored and appropriate changes will be made as necessary.  As to how the Township will take advantage of the Municipal Emergency Act (such as electronic virtual meetings) decisions will be communicated; the legislation is vague so that individual municipalities can determine what will be effective given specific needs.  As always, if you have questions contact me and I will try to answer.

To stay current with impact in King Township, see here. 






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