Impact on project deadlines and more

As we are all aware, the Province has approved Regulations  recently pursuant to the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act which has had a dramatic impact on all our lives.  Understandably explanations on the implications of the regulations have been on closure of non-essential businesses and the confirmation that municipalities can continue to provide the broad array of essential services that the public depends on during this crisis.  The regulations also provide a temporary suspension of timeframes mandated through different legislated Acts such as the Planning Act, Building Code Act, Environmental Assessment Act as well as others. At this point the suspension is for 90 days. If during this 90 day period (which began March 16) there are any deadlines which had to be met, to avoid some consequence as defined by the specific Act, that deadline will be suspended temporarily.  The latter will be re-established 16 days after the suspension is dropped.  Other impacts of the Regulations is that any scheduled LPAT hearings or pre-hearings within the 90 days are cancelled and will be re-scheduled later.

The supension of deadlines is very relevant to King. We have a bylaw regarding severances in established neighbourhood set to expire March 31; given cancellation of Council meetings it is not possible to consider renewing it for one year as permitted by the Planning Act. If it expires it is not possible to implement again.

It is complicated.  And happily most of the time most people do not need to be engaged with this level of detail.  But sometimes there is interest and need to understand more.  Don’t hesitate to ask me.  You can be sure that I will get the professionals involved if I can’t answer it.

And remember to keep checking King’s COVID-19 web page. 

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