Responses to COVID-19

To stay up to date about the specific King Township actions in response to COVID-19 check with

  • In response to the financial stresses of the pandemic King is waving monthly penalties on property taxes through June 29, 2020.
  • And to help citizens protect themselves and their families and yet secure food and access pharmaceutical product Economic King has established an online directory focussing on these two needs; and to make the search easy the directory is divided amongst the 3 villages.  As noted on the 1st page the businesses are still being signed up; so check it out several times.

Today I reminded myself about one of the new trails in King City, the Jane Underhill trail.  Its quite perfect:  you can walk around wetlands and hear the birds; and if you needs some assistance it is very safe for those using a cane and a wheelchair or walker would work too.  (Its in the King Valley subdivision across from GO train station; one access point is at Blue Heron Park on Austin Rumble Court.


6 Responses to “ “Responses to COVID-19”

  1. Arlene Heaps says:

    Does this mean that our April instalment does not have to be paid

    until June 29th?

    • Debbie says:

      Yes….can wait till then and no penalty. Township is trying to provide support to residents through this uncertain, difficult time.

  2. John Flys says:

    Keep well. Stay safe.

    • Debbie says:

      Thanks John. You too. It is a strange experience: to help our community and the broader community we each need to isolate.

  3. Lori Checkowy says:

    Hi Debbie, thinking about the new trail is uplifting, thanks. However -I could not find the King Valley Subdivision on google map.
    Lucky I live on Burton Grove and know the trail well although no specific name up to now.
    Another access point might be the CHUCK ORMSBY CRESCENT next to the pond off Keele st.and Sculptors Gate.
    Blue Heron Park remains a well-kept secret – I have yet to see children enjoying the facility – why?
    Thanks for keeping us informed so loyally!
    Lori Checkowy
    77 Burton Grove K.C.

    • Debbie says:

      Hello Lori, Your query/comment about the subdivision name makes me wonder if I have it wrong; I will check on the name but my intent was the subdivision on east side of Keele across from GO train station. The name of the trail is not well known yet; approval of its name was made by Council nearly a year ago but getting signage in place for a grand opening was delayed. Hope to have that rectified in near future; unfortunately the person for whom it was named, Jane Underhill has died and will not be there for that event. And yes there are in total 3 entrances to the trail which I think is particularly nice for a trail in an urban situation. Due to COVID-19 the Staff are in process of erecting signs at all the parks where there are play structures reminding people that the structures have not been sanitized; hence, very unfortunately there will not be children on the structures at Blue Heron Park for awhile.

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