Some Options for Prepared Foods

For a variety of reasons many people are having to find ways, different from usual habits, for putting food on the table for themselves, family and for friends & neighbours.  In the last few days I have learned of a couple options and have identified below. If you have some other suggestions I will post them too. Note:  I am not in a position to provide a guarantee about your satisfaction.  I am simply wanting to give you some options which you may want to consider if there is a need.

Pine Farms is located at 2700 16th Side Road, King.   They are can’t serve lunch but have a special program to be able to pick up their soups, pies etc. Here is their current posting describing their options.  Note:  as indicated on their post you need to arrange specific time for purchase & pick up.

On King City Moms FB I saw a local caterer that offers delivery of fresh meat pies on Thursdays. Call Gayani Bellana @ 416-455-4945.

The local Coppas offers online shopping and does not charge for delivery.  When I was in store I was told that you access it using  In A Buggy They do not charge for delivery.


4 Responses to “ “Some Options for Prepared Foods”

  1. Sheila Comisso says:

    Thank you Debbie for this very valuable info. Having been in the store I observed cashiers sneezing, some customers with masks and many others not. While we were all trying to keep our distance manoeuvring the carts was awkward at times. Even more concerning was the number of people walking or congregating in public spaces blabbing in each other’s faces.

  2. Cathy Wellesley says:

    ‘Round the Bend Farm’ is open this afternoon (Fridays). See their Facebook page for details.

    • Debbie says:

      Thanks Cathy. I am going to contact them to suggest that they sign up with shopking directory. See my reply above to Sheila.

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