Where/how To Be Outdoors

Very tough decisions are being made to achieve the goal of breaking the transmission cycle of COVID-19.  Both Lake Simcoe Region Conseravation  Authority (LSCRA)  and Toronto Regional Conservation Area have announced closures and/or identified limitations.  As reviewed in their announcement TRCA trails continue to be open but will not be maintained;  one can use them at their own risk.  LSRCA is closing their areas including the Thorton Bales one in King.

Without question both of these announcements are disappointing as time outdoors is a good antidote for the stress we are all feeling because of the pandemic; particularly as it is becoming warmer.  But, there are still good options for being outside and getting some exercise:

  • our parks are still open
  • walking around your neighbourhood creates the opportunity to see neighbours and have a conversation–this is possible to do and maintain a 2 meter separation!
  • there is less traffic so its possible to walk on some of our local roads–but please, walk on the correct side (which is the left) even if there is little traffic
  • walk on a trail; and if you are with a friend do maintain distance.  (It is possible!)


10 Responses to “ “Where/how To Be Outdoors”

  1. Sheila Comisso says:

    STAY AT HOME means for all you citizens what? I have sympathy for anyone trapped in a condo (unless I am mistaken we have nothing that exceeds 8 stories) but the majority of us enjoy substantial backyards (remember the good old days) not the 25 footers those developers allotted us. Is it too much to ask in the interest of public safety and the wellbeing of the ENTIRE community to just stay in your own home rather than asking for maps or bemoaning that certain outdoor spaces are now off limits. In the last two weeks I have personally witnessed so many acts of pure selfishness that I will not be at all surprised if we will have to be told all our civil liberties are revoked because of our failure to acknowledge we have a real EMERGENCY at hand. We will not be debating trees or subdivision plans if we do not get a handle on how to prevent the transmission of disease will we?

    • Debbie says:

      Whether one is living in a small bungalow in the core of King City or if one is in a home on a 2 acre lot I have often said, during the last 2 weeks, that I feel very fortunate to be living through this pandemic in King: the air is clean, we have space. We do need to naintain rigorously the 2 meter physical distancing; and indeed the failure to do so has necessitated closing down areas to even one person using it. And yes, the priority needs to be on this single issue: breaking the chain of transmission. Taking a walk alone can provide needed exercise. Walking with a friend a distance may be more enjoyable but it should not be done at the expense of maintaining distance.

  2. S Beharriell says:

    Thanks Debbie.
    When I called the office, Parks/Rec and Culture staff had no access to any King Trails maps. Are there any now? Reprint some? Leave for safe pickup?

  3. Nancy Hopkinson says:

    You are supposed to walk facing traffic, which means on the left side.

    • Debbie says:

      Nancy, before I saw your comment (truly) I was sitting down to change the word to “correct” as I realized how it could be interpreted. thanks!

  4. Jennifer Chalk says:

    In the third point about being outside it should say “walk on the left side”. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date Debbie.

    • Debbie says:

      Jennifer, before I saw your comment (truly) I was sitting down to change the word to “correct” as I realized how it could be interpreted. thanks!

  5. Ellen Hoffmann says:

    Walk on the LEFT side

    • Debbie says:

      Ellen, before I saw your comment (truly) I was sitting down to change the word to “correct” as I realized how it could be interpreted. thanks!

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