Active Transportation

There is new survey on on the subject of active transportation.  One of the actions in the recently completed Transportation Master Plan is to develop and execute a plan for an active transportation network.  King has many trails for getting some good exercise or for appreciating nature but we don’t have a good network of trails or paths or sidewalks to get around our villages, and certainly not for going from one village to another on foot or on a bike.  Interest in such a network is growing as it is seen as a way of reducing amount of vehicles on the road (and hence, reduce greenhouse gases) and it is a way to build in some physical activity into our daily lives.  Please do the survey to provide input to the the many questions before us as to how to build an active transportation network.  Its open until July 22; recommendation to be in Oct. 2020.  (This date means that recommendations can be incorporated into the 2021 budget.)

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