Amendments to Zoning Bylaw for KC and Schomberg

On Council agenda for June 29 there is the public meeting for a Township initiated amendment to the Schomberg and King City; specifically to amend the provisions for lot coverage and permeable surfaces in identified specific zones.    This meeting is the statutory public meeting where Staff presents its report; no decision is made at this meeting. In addition, very importantly this is when the  public can ask questions and/or make deputations.  This meeting will be a virtual one and it will live streamed. Details how to provide information is outlined in paragraph further below.

This statutory Public Meeting is the opportuntiy for public to ask questions, make comments and to have such registered as part of the review process. You can either submit comments by noon on 6/29 to [email protected] or public can register to speak to Council virtually (audio-telephone in); to do so you must register at [email protected] OR phone the Clerks Department (905 833-4068) by noon on 6/29; once you have done this you will receive confirmation and information for participating in the virtual Council meeting.

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