Canada Day Reflections

Canada Day inspires reflection about our country.  For some, Canada has provided refuge from hostile places for themselves & family.   For many it provided to our ancestors a refuge and an opportunity for a better life.  Events this year has surely caused everyone to think about we expect from our government so that actions are consistent as to what we think Canada is and should be; specifically I think of  the actions in response the to pandemic, continuing social inequity and inadequate reconciliation with the First Nations.     And finally, along with others who have enjoyed so many wonderful Canada Days at Tyrwhitt Park in Kettleby, I enjoy memories of those fun events made possible by wonderful volunteers, generous support from businesses and Township Staff.

2 Responses to “ “Canada Day Reflections”

  1. Ian Hilley says:

    Thank you Debbie for your public service & sharing greetings today. Happy Canada Day to you & Dan & family. Be well.

  2. S Beharriell says:

    Well said as always, Debbie! Thank you and have a great Dominion Day too!
    Keep well, keep safe, keep cool!

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