Extending an ICBL on Severances

On June 22nd Council agenda there is a Staff report recommending the extension of a current interim control bylaw (ICBL), which restricts severances in our 3 villages for one year as our new Official Plan (One King) is still not in force.  As One King has more robust policies on the issue of severances in the villages, extension of the ICBL would likely not be proposed if it were in force.  I have posted several times on this issue as I believe it is very important in terms of the impact on village character.  As reviewed in the report, the timing for implementing an extension has been delayed due to the Emergency Orders of the Province in response to COVID which suspended Planning Act deadlines;  as of June 22 this suspension is over and hence the appropriateness of the recommendation to extend.

2 Responses to “ “Extending an ICBL on Severances”

  1. Mary Bromley says:

    I have written to support staff’s (and your) recommendation.

    • Debbie says:

      Thanks Mary. See my response to Mr. Flys. It is very important that the public gets engaged with the 2021 budget process.

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