Virtual Council Meeting Reminders

Monday June 22nd there is a Audit Committee Meeting at 5PM.  At 6pm same time there is a Council and Committee of Whole (COW) Meeting.  All of these are live streamed and can be watched at   You can submit comments to Council by emailing [email protected] by noon on June 22 so that they can be circulated to Council prior to the meeting.  (I have made posts on several of the agenda items in the COW.  Read on!  There is also a vitual closed COW meeting same day after the first COW; scroll down here to see its agenda.

Monday June 29 there is a Public Planning Meeting at 6 pm.  The meeting will be a virtual one.  It will be live streamed so that public can observe.  Further below is information on how to participate.  There are 2 agenda items.  One is the statutory public meeting for an application for development at 1986 King Road (just west of KC Library.); there was a developer hosted public info meeting for this project in late February.  The other one is the statutory public meeting for a proposed zoning bylaw amendment for King City and Schomberg.  The amendment is to address the maximum permitted lot coversage and minimum pervious surface areas in some of the zones.  Staff reports for each of these meetings will be available on June 25.

Public will be able to provide comments: either by forwarding comments by email to the Clerk ([email protected]) by noon on 6/29 who will both forward to the Council members and will enter into the public record.  Alternatively, comments can be made virtually. To do so you need to register by noon on 6/29 with the Clerk ([email protected]); you will then be sent a confirmation message with instructions as to how you can participate.

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