Face Masks/Coverings in York Region

Thursday, July 9 York Region Council is having a special council meeting to consider reports about mandating masks for indoor public spaces and for outdoors when physical distancing cannot be maintained.  Here is the notice for this meeting.  I don’t believe face coverings are perfect; and they will not solve our collective problem of this easily transmitted virus of which the effect can be very serious.  But I do believe they are a very effective tool for reducing risk of transmission. In case you are in the camp of doubting the need for putting on one every time I will relate my practice.  Until recently I have been personally making a choice every time I go inside somewhere; I assess whether I think I can enter & leave and accomplish what I want without being too close to people.  In the last couple days I have stopped asking myself that question; I just put a mask on.  Makes my day much more simple.

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  1. Angela Rose says:

    A friend recently commented that he and a few buddies asked each other if they knew anyone who has or had covid-19. None did. Why? BECAUSE MOST OF US ARE DOING THE RIGHT THINGS, LIKE WEARING A MASK. Every little bit helps – and, if you look south, every little bit hurts – a lot. Good for us. Last point, if wearing my mask indicates support and love for our health care workers, I’m all in.

    • Debbie says:

      I would add to your comment about what wearing a mask sympbolizes if I may. The mask does not protect the mask wearer, it presents those in you meet or pass by; wearing one also shows respect and concern for the community.

  2. Terri Schlosser says:

    I do agree with you on the face mask and I really hope York region makes them mandatory. People seem to be having a hard time doing what’s right without being told. You would think everyone would welcome the opportunity to help out their neighbors, but you can’t legislate common sense.

  3. Marc says:

    Debbie the science does not support this measure. Although mask wearing is proven to have a small impact on transmission if a positive person is wearing one. The stats in York region do not support such a move. Headlines today state transmission across Canada is under control. Specifically in York we had 13 new cases for a population of 1.2 million. This represents a 0.000010833333333% rate. On the mayors update random testing is only showing a 1% positive rate. Our hospitals are running well below 10% Why such an order now? Perhaps if the data ticks up. But current science and facts suggest a mandatory mask order is not required. The best way to keep transmission at current rates wash your hands, physical distance, stay home if you’re sick. We are no where need the requirement for a mandatory order I don’t disagree we need to continue to be vigilant but to move to such measures now represent an over step by government on individual rights and freedoms there is simply little science and currently no medical reasons to move to such a measure. If your argument is simply anything helps we’ll I guess if we all drove 40kph we could eliminate traffic fatalities too.

  4. Kay Brooks says:

    I agree. Good for you, Debbie.

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