King is in Stage 3

Friday, July 24 we moved into Stage 3.  This is a welcomed step but it comes with the expectation that we all continue to be vigilant in behaving responsibly to protect our own health and the health of all with whom we come in contact.  Its no longer an individual choice: we must wear a mask when we enter any indoor public space. We must continue to maintain social distance and we must continue to wash our hands with soap frequently. I know there is some reluctance to donning a mask; in addition to the valid health reasons for doing so I also believe it is simply not fair to put the burden on the business owner (or whoever is in charge for the public space) to ask you to do so and then if you do not comply to ask you to leave.  Here is King’s press release which includes many details.  As always check in with King’s COVID-19 page for the latest information.

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