Mandatory Masks in YR July 17

Effective Friday, July 17 face masks are required in indoor public spaces in York Region; outdoor spaces and indoor spaces not open to the public are excluded from requiring masks.   Business owners and operators are required to have a policy in place on Jul7 17 to prohibit people from entering if they are not wearing a mask.  Here are all the details of the bylaw which was passed unanimously at a York Region Council meeting on July 9.  I know that some argue that the rates of COVID-19 are so low that this is not required.  Here is my response to this .  This is simply another preventive measure we can all take. The other ones of social distancing the frequent thorough hand washing continue to be crucial.   The social and economic costs of this virus merits the inconvenience of donning a mask.

3 Responses to “ “Mandatory Masks in YR July 17”

  1. Very positive move. There seems to be a confusion about civil liberties vs. health and safety which is totally misplaced.
    Even the comparison in the US with Seat belt doesn’t do justice. By wearing a mask you are not only protecting yourself but meeting your obligations to your fellow members of the society

  2. Nancy Hopkinson says:

    I am glad that York Region voted unanimously for us to wear masks indoors in public spaces. Hurrah! I read some of the comments by the naysayers and they quoted someone who published a so-called review of the literature disputing the use of masks. This review was not published in a reputable journal where a jury of peers approved it. Not only that. One of the naysayers stated that the person was a professor at the University of Ottawa when actually the person was fired from that university. Consider the source when you are quoting “science”.

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