Corporate Strategic Plan: 2019 results and final plan

In Council agenda there is a lengthy report with appendices presenting final draft for approval of the 2019-2022 Corporate Strategic Plan and the annual progress report for 2019.   Appendix A reviews the 4 priority areas and how progress will be tracked.  I have a couple clarification questions but overall I like that our Staff has implemented this initiative.  Value for the employees and leadership is quite evident; the greater clarity on objectives, the better they will be able to serve you.  And very importantly I think it offers good value to you, the residents of King.  Each of us have specific needs & wants in terms of what is desired from the municipality.  I think this enables one to see whether what you need or want is being improved or whether there is even an intention to improve it.  Appendix B provides a report on 2019 work.  Appendix C is the booklet describing the process of a Corporate Strategic Plan. To access all the links go to agenda page and scroll to 10.2.

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