Cosmocare Bylaw Amendment

On September 28 Council there is public meting for an application by a long time business in Nobleton, Cosmocare Service & Collision Centre.  The application is for a zoning amendment to achieve 2 things:  expand the services which can be done at this business and to address the fact that construction was completed in a manner which was not consistent with a previously approved site plan.  I do not understand the implications of the proposed new services of brake repair and general engine repair; but I can certainly appreciate that from the business owner’s perspective such would be entirely appropriate and appear reasonable.  As to the failure to build per the site plan this is another issue.  As the property is adjacent to a residential subdivision a significantly reduced planting strip (which is the result of not building per the site plan) is serious.  I need to understand what the reality is in terms of consequence.  The public meeting is the opportunity for the public to raise questions and concerns.  Instructions how to participate in the virtual meeting are provided at top of the agenda.

2 Responses to “ “Cosmocare Bylaw Amendment”

  1. Ian Hilley says:

    It seems to me that the failure to build per the site plan deserves fulsome discussion in the first instance. I recall a public meeting where the neighbours were very troubled by the carwash & reported issues with noise, light pollution & I seem to recall flooding of their back yard.

    • Debbie says:

      Two things are very troubling: i) as you point out the site plan was not adhered to; ii) from my perspective at the Council meeting there was disclosure as to how Staff missed a couple opportunities to make interventions to prevent us reaching this point. And yes, I too recall all these complaints; we did hear at Council the flooding has been addressed. I believe its important to remember that the site has been zoned for automotive related uses for long time.

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