New Child Care Centre on Keele

On Sept. 28 Council agenda there is a public meeting for an application to change zoning of a property at 13121 Keele St. so that a private child care facility can be opened.  As reviewed in the report this part of Keele is no longer zoned residential in our new Officical Plan “One King;” hence I am not surprised that there is a proposal for something like child care.  In addition, there is a child care centre already in near vicinty.  I do question whether proposal for a parking spot in front is really appropriate with what we want to achieve for the streetscape.  The request to reduce planting strips gives me the impression that the proposal is too large for the property.  I need to hear more details.  The public meeting is the opportunity for the public to raise questions and concerns.  Instructions how to participate in the virtual meeting are provided at top of the agenda.

2 Responses to “ “New Child Care Centre on Keele”

  1. Ian Hilley says:

    I am intrigued by the suggestion in the Townships report that the facility is already in operation before a decision by Council is made.

    • Debbie says:

      At face value it does sound like “just do it and ask for forgiveness.” In the case of this situation “facts” were presented at the council meeting that indicate it may not be the case here as home businesses (for which there is criteria) are allowed. More analysis is required.

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