Not the Usual Sales Centre.

On Council agenda there is a staff report recommending a zoning bylaw amendment to allow a sales centre to be located temporarily at Keele/Carmichael.  The situation is unusual in that the residences for sale are to be built on the east side of King City.  The proposed location is a house built by same builder a couple years ago which has not been occupied.  The residents in proximity to the proposed location voiced strong oppostion at the fall public meeting; a number of mitigation actions have been proposed and are reflected in the report.  I understand the opposition.  Having said that I am supportive of Staff recommendation to approve for several reasons including the following. i) Would be buyers wishing to check out the builder’s craft will be very limited and controlled given the protocols proposed including limited hours and limited tasks conducted at the house.  Specifically meetings with buyers re: sales agreement/financing and design will be done elsewhere.  ii) This a positive plan in terms of environmenal impact:  sometimes a model home is not retained post sales period i.e. there is construction debris; and 3 additional trees will be planted on the property than would be done normally.

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  1. Heaps Arlene says:

    I agree 100% with the above response from MIKE. Debbie, how can you possibly agree with this proposal?????? Jordan Cescolini at least is standing up for the people in his ward. You say “Specifically meetings with buyers re: sales agreement/financing and design will be done elsewhere.” , Then why the need for the sales centre. I for one am so sick and tired of developers having their way, and staff having no consideration for the wishes of of long time residents. It’s time King Township listened to the wants and needs of it’s residents.

    • Debbie says:

      Hello Arlene, I appreciate your comments. i) Please see reply I have given to Mike. ii) To answer your question re the need. As house was built by developer who is going to build the new houses, point of visiting the Carmichael house is to illustrate their “standard of quality.” iii) As I said, I do listen and take into account what I hear from people.

  2. Mike says:

    No no no no no. So a few questions if only 2 clients at a time why the need for a 19 car parking lot. 6-8 would seem sufficient. The traffic is already bad at that intersection with the four way uncontrolled and now we are going to add a large parking lot to the mix? This model home needs to be in the new subdivision where they are being built, What are we the residents impacted getting for this? Improved what. Seems we put up with the inconvenience and added traffic for nothing. The developers are benefitting. Not sure what’s in it for the town… this is a no brainer no. Town staff who support this I think have lost their way they work for us not the developer.

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Mike, Thank you for your comments. I do listen and value hearing different perspectives. The report has been deferred as both the Mayor and Councillor Cescolini wish to have time to meet with residents. In case you did not view the live streaming last evening there are 2 things I will pass on. i) Rationale for the size of the parking lot is to ensure that if there is overlap in visitors, there will be space; want to avoid people parking on streets. ii) Proponent has offered to have security on weekends to prevent parking on streets. I offer this NOT in effort to persuade you. Just information.

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