Seminars About Trees, Gardens and Seeds

Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) is offering several seminars over the next couple weeks.  They are free.  Topics are very relevant to the current season and to our changing climate.  Below are the seminars.  Click here for more information and to register.There are topics of interest to those who garden and/or maintain lawns.  There is also some very timely ones  such as “the life of a tree.” I say the latter is timely as right now the beauty of our deciduous trees is a hi-light of the landscape as the leaves turn colour; it good to be reminded and informed as to why these trees are very important for reasons beyond their colour. .

2 Responses to “ “Seminars About Trees, Gardens and Seeds”

  1. Maret Aun says:

    We would very much like to partake of some of these seminars, but cannot. We still do not have high speed internet.

    • Debbie says:

      Good reminder that access to good internet is important for every facet of life: business, learning, health, entertainment. King is doing what it can to increase access.

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