Dew Street Development Application

On Nov. 2 Council agenda there is a report on an application for a small development on north side of Dew Street.  A development to build 5 single detached homes in King City is not unusual; this application is different in that it proposes to build a private road going north off Dew and on that road there will be 5 homes. Given that there are established homes on both sides the appropriateness of it merits serious assessment.  (Properties (3) on west side  on west side have been estalished for a period of time; properties on east side were developed in last 5 years.)  Some will consider this to be very bold; personally, I would find it more interesting and more value to the community if it were bungalows to meet the need of residents who want to downsize and still have access to their own green space.  I will be interested to hear community response to this idea; and of course what our Planners think of the proposal.  Here is schedule showing the details.

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