Possible amendments to One King (our new official plan)

On Council Oct. 19 agenda there is a report recommending the criteria for accepting (not approving) applications for amendments to our recently approved official plan, One King.  As indicated in the report the Planning Act does provide a 2 year moratorium on official plans (i.e. amendments are not allowed); but it also allows a municipality to define any exceptions to the moratorium.  I can see the wisdom of allowing exceptions; but clearly such need to be very limted, well defined or the benefit of the moratorium is lost.  I generally agree with the exception criteria recommended but do have some questions, particularly re: # 6 which is related to the Municipal Comprehensive Review.  I wonder if there should be an additional criteria that an application which would substantially advance our climate action plan should be considered. As indicated in the report accepting an application is NOT indication of either Staff support or Council approval; it is only agreement to start the review process.

One Response to “ “Possible amendments to One King (our new official plan)”

  1. Susan Beharriell says:

    I agree with your great idea to advance climate action. Other exemptions only by exception.
    Re traffic calming, as I work here in my study, I hear various folks racing along the 15th, “playing” with the speed indicator… Grrrr.

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