Where Cannabis Should Grow

On the November 2nd Council there is a report to improve controls on where cannabis is produced i.e. grown.  As reviewed the current bylaw on the topic has proven to not be robust enough to allow enforcement of where it is being grown for personal use by registered person(s) who are “designated growers.”  One of the intents of the current bylaw was to preclude cannabis being grown in Holland Marsh (the RU2 zone); however because of the exceptions allowed for personal growers there are personal growers active in the RU2 zone.  As reviewed in the report zoning bylaw amendment is being proposed to address this.  In addition the report reviews the challenge in enforcing a potential nuisance bylaw to address the problem of odour or other nuisances associated with cannabis cultivation .  To see the current and proposed bylaws go to the council agenda and scroll down to 7.3.

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