Rental Apartments on Keele

On Council Nov. 16 agenda there is a staff report on the project to construct a mixed use 4 storey building on west side of Keele across from the Church.  I have expressed previouslyKing Station’s Development on Keele my enthusiasm for the initiative because of what it delivers:  rental apartments in the core of King City with commercial space at ground level as this form of housing is very much needed.  I am pleased at the design proposal in that the quality is high and the aesthetic respects King City’s heritage as outlined in the urban design guidelines for the village. Not surprisingly the developer, King Station, has had challenges with this brownfield site; but as reviewed in the report solutions and accomodations have been found.  I think the use of the funds from cash-in-lieu of parking spaces to enable enhanced access to the municipal parking facilities on Doctors Lane is excellent; the potential of such an initiative alleviating the existing challenges of safe parking on Keele was identified in the parking study done in 2018.  I am pleased to see re-application of the idea of including some sustainable features in the zoning bylaw as was done recently in the Zancor condo development.  As reviewed in the report there are important issues yet to be resolved in terms of the final design (e.g. inclusion of more green design elements) which will be addressed when the site plan is done.  I do have some questions for Staff when we meet on Monday but overall I am very pleased that we are at this stage.

As has been Township practice since COVID you can observe live stream at; and if you want to submit comments or register to make a deputation, contact [email protected] do so by noon Nov. 16.

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