Resolution: phase out gas fired generators for our electricity

At Monday November 30 Council there will be debate on a resolution I have tabled.  To summarize: it is a motion to request the government of Ontario to find alternative solutions to future power demands; and very specifically to phase out gas fired generation by 2030.  Viable, economically and environmentally responsible alternatives to the current plan are available.  The current plan for providing electricity is to shutdown Pickering by 2024 and increase the use of the gas fired generators which will result in a 400% increase in greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation by 2040.  The options include purchasing power from Quebec’s water powered system, reversing previous cuts to energy efficiency programs, support renewable sources which are now producing electricity at a price point well below nucelar.  If we do not do this Ontario will not meet its climate targets.  Ontario will lose 1/3 of the improvement achieved by shutting down coals.  As King declared a climate emergency in July 2019 it is very appropriate that we make such a request to the Province.  To date, 4 other municipalities have unanimously endorsed similar resolutions.

I believe it would be valuable for your Council members to know what you think about this resolution; send your comments in by email to [email protected] by noon on 11/30.

4 Responses to “ “Resolution: phase out gas fired generators for our electricity”

  1. Mike Shackleford says:

    Hi Debbie,

    It is beyond my comprehension as to why Ford is so against purchasing clean and bountiful electricity from Quebec. Quebec produces 32% of Canada’s total power generated from all sources while being responsible for only 1% of GHG emissions linked to electrical utilities.

    By 2025 Ontario will be paying two thirds more for nuclear power than what it would if it was paying Quebec for its hydro power. Wind and solar have proven to be enormously expensive and not adequate, at least in the near future, to fill the void.

    Gas fired generators will destroy any chance of Ontario meeting climate control targets. Obviously, this does not concern Ford. To him environmental protection is simply red tape, something to be eliminated at the first chance.

    I could understand Ford’s direction if there was not this cheap bounty just next door but to ignore it in favour of expensive gas guzzling generators is just plain stupid. But then again most of his policies since he took office have been shortsighted and stupid.

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Mike, I too can’t comprehend why there is so much resistance. It leads one to assume that the nuclear lobby is strong…perhaps as strong as is the building/development sector which is influencing the Province’s environmental policies. Having said that, I guess the Premier will need to acknowledge at some point that getting rid of the $3million man has not addressed the price of electrictiy problem.

  2. Marc says:

    We are still stabilizing the effects of the inept lIberals of their folly into green energy (solar and wind). Paid too high a premium. We shut down coal. Your proposal on natural gas although great virtue signalling it is premature

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Marc, As the resolution is to phase gas out in 10 years I don’t think it is premature. It will take some time to implement any of the alternatives; need to have the goal now and get a plan.

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