Traffic Calming Strategy

On Council agenda there is staff report recommending approval of the traffic calming strategy.  This has been a long time in process; but, we have ended up with a robust program utilizing feedback from the community.  It makes a lot of sense to me that there are 3 streams of initiatives.  1st there is the community; good example of that is implementation of a consistent speed limit (40 km) throughout the 3 villages.  Second, there are the measure taken in response to requests for an intervention by individuals or a neighbourhood.  Third, there are measures to be incorporated into the capital program.  (e.g. If a road is to be paved, is there traffic calming opportunity.)  The strategy for traffic calming is here.  And here are the new forms for requests for traffic calming and the petition to be used.

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  1. Ellen Hoffmann says:

    Well done.

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