Public Meeting for a Day Care in King City

On Monday February 1 there is a Council Public Planning Meeting.  (Recall: starting this year there is an additional council meeting each month exclusively for holding the statutory public meetings.)  The Public meeting on Feb. 1 is for an application to erect a day care at 22 Patton St. in King City.  The public meeting is the opportunity for public to express concerns or support and to ask questions. As reviewed in the report the proponent has applied for a zoning bylaw amendment. As I explain below there is a complexity to this application because our new Offical Paln (OP) is not in force.  If you wish to speak to Council you need to register at [email protected] by Monday, Feb. 1 at noon; or you may submit your comments by email on same timing at [email protected]

If our new Official Plan (OP) was in force the application would be necessary as the statistics of the proposal e.g. parking space requirement do not meet the requirements of the zoning bylaw; but, the proposed use (child care centre) is permitted under the new OP.  But, as the new OP is not in force  the application needs to be assessed against the King City Community Plan which does not permit a daycare in this area of King City; the only way, under this scenario that the application would ever be approved is if the applicant made an application for an Official Plan Amendment.  As noted in the Staff report, the applicant is assuming that the new OP will come into force.

To access the appendices including maps and renderings of proposed building see here and scroll down

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