COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

On Council March 29 agenda there is a report recommending Council support for creation of a vaccination clinic at the Trisan Centre.  I am thrilled that the prework has been done to enable it to be opened as early as April 6 or 12 pending vaccine supply.  As reviewed running this clinic will not cost the Township but indeed there have been some difficult choices made.  Summer ice at Trisan or the other arenas will not be offered and the Nobleton pool will not be opened. Service levels at some of the sports fields will be reduced; other recreational programming will be limited.  I appreciate that these cuts in service will be very much missed by the users given the lack of programming for the last 12 months. I am hopeful that our clinic will play a role in increasing the uptake of the vaccines as this is critical for moving into a new normal.  As noted in the report there will be a role for volunteers; I will be asking on Monday about the process for volunteering.  To access the report, the floor plan for Trisan clinic and the bylaw click here and scroll down to 7.9.

As the meeting is being conducted virtually it is necessary to register to make a deputation; alternatively you can send an email.  To register or to email your questions and comments do so at [email protected] by March 29 noon.

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  1. Greg Mavros says:

    Has there been an update on the vaccination clinic at the Trisan Centre

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