Kingbridge: new vision

Kingbridge has figured in the story of King Township for decades.  The property was the venue for a Girl Guide Camp in the early 20th century.  The Kofflers commissioned Arthur Erickson to build Canada’s first world class spa facility; then it was re-purposed to a corporate retreat & learning centre for CIBC.  Under the ownership of John Abele it became a significant learning centre and conference centre; and the Centre’s amenities were also graciously opened to the King community for special events including those organized by Arts Society King and the municipality.  And now there is a change in leadership with a very exciting vision to “engage with key stakeholder partners to harness the infrastructure of the Kingbridge Centre to drive economic prosperity by accelerating ground breaking innovations that drive community transformation, and scale up environmental sustainability initiatives which make a positive impact in the world.  Food, agriculture, energy and water are four of the key focus areas aligned with economic priorities of King Township and York Region.  Programming will be developed and offered to support these objectives, helping to foster the next generation of leaders and convene people who are interested in exploring new ideas and collaboratively solve problems from a higher level of thinking and shared purpose. “  For more information here is the press release.

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