Tribute (Nobleton)

On Council March 29 agenda there is a report about an development application in Nobleton village. To read it and access all the appendices click here and scroll down to item 7.4.  It is for the land parcel originally held by the school board when the subdivision was built.  Similar to what I said in another post about other developments in Nobleton  there is a serious constraint in these 22 lots  being developed as the servicing capacity (i.e. sewage and water) is not currently available but that does not preclude the planning to be done. As construction is not going to happen as soon as the builder likely wants I hope Tribute will take the time lag as an opportunity to plan for building houses that are truly sustainable i.e. built to net zero.  These new homes are going to be less than 10 years old in 2030 and less than 30 years old by 2050, dates when provincial and federal governments are targeting to have achieved significant greenhouse gas emissions; we need to stop building houses with built in obsolescence.


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