Your 15 minute neighbourhood

York Region is developing new Regional Official Plan and is seeking your input about communities.  Complete communities are walkable, well-connected neighbourhoods where you can access your favourite bakery, coffee shop, restaurant, local park and daily needs within a 15-minute walk from home.  YR is interested to know what places or amenities you would like to walk or cycle to in your neighbourhood. Your response will help York Region plan for diverse needs in existing and new communities. Feedback will assist in the development of a complete community assessment tool and may also help to inform the Regional Official Plan Update. Please provide your input to the survey by March 26.

4 Responses to “ “Your 15 minute neighbourhood”

  1. Clare Ross says:

    Just one thought to send to you at this time. King is an area that is used by cyclists from all over the Greater Toronto area. But there are no safe bicycle lanes on any of our roads. I don’t think I’ve ever seen bicycle lanes on country roads, but it is increasingly dangerous for bicycles here as traffic increases. Could we consider bike lanes on some of the most travelled roads that connect towns? That would certainly make the neighborhoods better connected for those of us on the rural roads. If I could safely take my bike into my local main street – I certainly would. Right now it is just too frightening. Thanks!

  2. Bruna Pace says:

    Sidewalks on Kingscross estates

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