Bylaws For Site Alteration and Pool & Fences

On Monday’s Council agenda there is report recommending new bylaw for regulation of site alterations, fill and the administration of permits for pools and fences.  As reviewed in the report there has been extensive public consultation on the new bylaws.  Very importantly the new bylaw for fill meets new regulations brought in by the Province to ensure quality of soil.  But there is far more.  i)  Of value to property owners is the ability to do “minor site alterations” without a permit with such being defined as maximum 200 cu meters (about 25 dump trucks) per hectare.  ii) Conseravtion regulated lands are now subject to our Bylaw.  iii) There will be enhanced penalty system.  The report provides much greater detail.

As noted in the report there will be implementation of a new communications system with the public which enables a concerned person to learn what permit has been granted, type and amount of site alteration allowed and if there is a complaint the status of the latter. i.e. open/active under investigation, order issued, and legal action.  I think this proposed process is valuable as I know that it is frustrating for anyone who has reported a suspected violation to not know what is being done as follow up.  I consider this kind of communication to particularly important in King as >90% of the Township is on the Oak Ridges Moraine; hence we have an obligation to be good stewards of this lands and all its acquifers.

To access the report and all the appendices go to Agenda for the meeting and scroll down.  To register for verbal deputations and/or emailed deputations contact [email protected] by noon Monday April 26.


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  1. Susan Beharriell says:

    How can 25 dump trucks really be a minor alteration? What about changing drainage etc?

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