Comfortable Home Without Fossil Fuels

Are you interested in efficiency? Looking for more sustainable methods to heat your home? For a long time, options for heating your home in Ontario consisted of natural gas, propane, baseboard electric or even wood. Climate Action King (CAK) is hosting a new webinar series on the alternative: cold climate air source heat& cooling pumps. CAK’s previous series on electric cars received enthusiastic postive feedback.  This new series will be same format:  1/2 hour presentation and then questions & answers.

Climate aCtion King is a relatively new citizens group in King Township of which I am a founding member.  We want to inspire our community to take action to respond to climate change.

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  1. John Salerno says:

    Hello to everyone. I am open to all suggestions on how to heat the home in a cost-effective way. Presently I am using propane which is crazy expensive. I am using a wood stove to help with the heating but that means a lot of hard work and I’m getting older. As Debbie and some home owners along Jane street, are aware, I have been trying to get natural gas in my area for over 10 years and Enbridge is simply not interested. I brought them signatures of interested neighbors and replied that if they agree to bring it in, it is at a ridiculous price. It would take about 4 generations to see the pay back. I made a suggestion to them that if they brought in the gas, they could charge us a minimal amount for the installation and then charge us more for the gas they supply until all the cost of installation is recovered. This would be a win win for both of us. They said the government would not allow this. To put things in prospective, we pay on average about 60 cents per cubic meter of propane whereas natural gas is at 12-14 cents a cubic meter. Therefore they could charge us 25 cents and everyone would be happy.

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