Development on James Stokes: virtual open house

Tuesday, April 20 at 6pm there is a virtual open house, hosted by the developer to learn about a proposal to develop lands north of James Stokes Court in the Kingview subdivision.  (The latter is located north and east of the Heritage & Cultural Centre.)  This is the opportunity to ask questions directly to the developer and/or the agent.  Here is the invitation which was sent to homeowners in proximity to the site; it includes details on how to participate.   (The Planning Act defines the circle of persons to be contacted ).  The statutory public meeting for this development is already announced as being at the May 3 Council Planning Meeting.

One Response to “ “Development on James Stokes: virtual open house”

  1. Susan Beharriell says:

    Do you have any idea the size or nature of the “E/W band” of trees that runs across the parcel of land? ( 100 m long and 30 wide? )Perhaps there is a laneway going north through to the back? What an amazing park that could be within the evergreens? Simply build N and S of the forest? Net zero homes? Just ideas…

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