Deputations of Interest at May 10 Council

At Monday May 10 Council meeting there are 3 scheduled deputations on issues of interest:  York Region Police Services in King, Bradford By-pass, York Region 2051 Forecast.  Tune in for the livestream of Council to hear these presentations; they will start shortly after 6 pm.  Below are more details.


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  1. Bert Duclos says:

    Unfortunately, the proposed route of the Bradford B-Pass along the southern side of the Silver Lakes Golf & Country Club property, on the east side of the Holland River East Branch is directly over what many historians consider the site of the Lower Landing (Pine Fort). It was a 6000 year old Indigenous meeting and trading centre and later the site of a military-Naval Depot known as Fort Gwillimbury during the War of 1812. It was used by the North West Company from 1814-1821 and then a steamboat landing from 1832 until the coming of the railway in 1853. Lt. Gov. John Graves Simcoe and his party spent the night of October 11, 1793 here after their passage up the Toronto Carrying Place to, and their return from, Georgian Bay.

    • Cathy Wellesley says:

      Hi Bert, Thank you for the historical information. I had the opportunity to visit the area a couple of weeks ago and I took a bunch of photographs. (We had access through private property). It is the proposed site for a 4 – 6 lane bridge and highway. Is there a source document that I could reference and that could be shared with the group working on the Stop-the-Bradford-Bypass campaign? Thanks so much, Cathy Wellesley.

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