$$ for the New Recreation Centre

Friday May 21st is a historic day in the history of King Township. Funding was announced to build the long awaited new recreation centre at the 15th Sideroad and Dufferin St. The magnitude of the grants from both the federal and provincial governments is remarkable: from the federal government $21.1 million and from the provincial government $17.6 million. In addition King Township is providing$14.1 million which is funds collected from developers.  Here are more details including schematics of the new recreation centre.  As was referenced by all the speakers at the announcement today this wonderful funding announcement is a result of collaboration amongst the three levels of government and Seneca college. Shovels will be in the ground this year with a target completion date of fall 2023.  The project will also explore a number of energy efficient measures for the facility such as natural ventilation, reclaiming waste heat from the refrigeration system, and an open loop geothermal heat exchange; I look forward to turning the targets that we have for energy efficiency and conservation in this new facility.

3 Responses to “ “$$ for the New Recreation Centre”

  1. Sebastian says:

    Hi Debbie,

    Is there any way we can propose to include some tennis courts as part of this recreation centre? As it seems like we are lacking available tennis courts in King City. The courts are always full.

    • Debbie says:

      Hello Sebastian, good to hear from you as it has been a while. Suggest you send an email to our director of community services, Chris Fasciano ([email protected]} to register your request and perspective about the need. I do not remember when the last analysis of need versus capacity was done for tennis in King City.

  2. J. Bruce Craig says:

    Debbie, thank you for sharing this important announcement. These announced government grants to the Rec Centre project are very generous, and it appears will contribute to making a two-pad ice surface in King township a reality. I’m encouraged to read of some of the energy saving features being included in the design, especially the looped geothermal system for heating and cooling.

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