Keele & Clearview Heights

At May 10 Council there is a report regarding the development proposal at Keele/Clearview Heights.  If anyone wonders why the public is often hostile to development proposals this one illustrates why. From the 1st application which dates back to March 2017  the feedback from community and Staff has generally been that it lacks respect and consideration of the residential neighbourhood abutting it.  Since then there have several amendments and no substantive response to the feedback.  The report provides a very comprehensive technical review of all the problems with this proposal.  As a lay person I simply say: it is far too long along Keele, the total absence of softscaping makes me wonder if the architect thinks the location is in an established very dense urban community; the total absence of visitor parking is unacceptable.  Its evident that the goal is maximum profit and not creating a place which contributes to the character of King City and leverages its unique location of proximity to the GO train station. Unfortunately approval of this is out of our hands as it is at LPAT.  To see the report and all appendices see the agenda and scroll down.  To make deputations, either orally or by email email [email protected] by noon May 10.

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  1. Kay Brooks says:

    Thank you, Debbie, for this information, and your opinion and concern for those of us in close proximity to this proposal, as well as the feelings of other King City residents who will have to pass this monster daily. The report and appendices are lengthy and there is little time to read and follow it all by noon tomorrow. I do have comments but they may not be as thorough as I’d like them to be due to lack of time here. It’s good to know that at least one Councillor has our best interests at heart. In a conversation with a neighbour in close proximity today, I mentioned that I may have to turn on lights in the house as early as 3:00 pm depending on the time of year should this proposal be approved. I doubt that much thought or consideration will be given to those closest to this huge ugly building whose properties will drop in value, and our quality of life changed forever.

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