Rimrock Development (east of Kingview Manors)

Monday, May 3rd is a Council Public Planning meeting.  One of the applications is to create 5 lots, each with a single detached house.   As the report indicates 4 of the 5 lots are generally consistent with Kingview Manors which is west of the development site. The 5th lot is very different.  Accessing it will be from King Road on a narrow long driveway which is reported to be an extant driveway through an Environmental Protection Area (EPA); to my mind the identified driveway is better described as a trail likely popular with skidoos in winters past.  And as a driveway, it is unusal in that it will be parallel to the backyards and amenity areas of the existing homes on Peter Glass.  Although generally consistent in format to Kingview Manors, Lots 1 through 4 are not perfect as proposed lots as I don’t believe the buffers  to the EPA east of them is 30 meters as required.  As the meeting is being held virtually it is necessary to register by noon on May 3 with [email protected] to make a virtual deputation.  On same timing email comments can be sent to [email protected] so that they are forwarded to Council before the meeting. To access report and all appendices see the agenda and scroll down.


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