Comfort At Home Without Fossil Fuels


Two webinars have been held already and have received high ratings from the 47 attendees.  Keith presents the  technical  info (i.e.”how this works”) and his family’s experience for 2 years after cancelling his gas contract. Register at

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  1. Hans Martin says:

    We live in a four bedroom house. It is quite large. About 10 years ago we disconnected our air conditioner. We have never missed our absent air-conditioner and finally a week ago somebody took it away from its concrete pad in a flower bed.
    Managing without an air conditioner in the summer is quite simple. You seal all doors and windows during daytime and open all windows at night. Curtains and blinds are closed in the day and open at night. The object is to avoid sunlight or outside air getting into your house in the daytime. At night the object is to allow maximum air exchange with cooler outside air.

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