Community Operated Outdoor Rinks

On the Council agenda for the September 27 meeting there is a staff report recommending a new increased service level: community operated outdoor skating rinks in response to requests that community members have made. As reviewed in the report an outdoor rink can be implemented at Rafferty’s Corners Park in King City in the upcoming winter season; two other locations King City may be executed depending on other projects. Possible locations in Nobleton and Schomberg have been identified for implementation in the following winter season. The report reviews the financing plan including a developer contribution and accessing the mayor’s annual golf reserve for the capital; operational costs are estimated ~$2,500/site and will need to be included in annual budget reviews. As indicated the rinks will be maintained by community members. I think it is very appropriate that we are implementing this higher level service in an incremental manner; it will give opportunity to validate that there is a sustained interest in such;  last season during the pandemic closures interest was very high. I am going to be asking for confirmation about the operational plans for the  existing outdoor rinks.

I am very pleased to see the concept being proposed as I think we often miss the opportunity to provide a service by utilizing the capabilities of community members.

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