Heritage and Cultural Masterplan

On September 13 Council agenda the Heritage and Cultural Masterplan for King Township is presented with the recommendation that Council approve it. I endorse it with enthusiastically. As indicated in the accompanying report a draft was presented in May; since then there has been consideration of feedback provided by Council members and very importantly by community members. The plan excites me as it identifies very clearly where we want to be in 2030  and very importantly it gives us the action steps required to realise the vision. I also appreciate that it provides the priorities:  whether it’s an action plan to be implemented in the near future or whether it is done within 3-5 years. I think the latter is very valuable as often interested persons will have a particular project of great interest; when it is not implemented quickly there is frustration that the master plan is not being followed whereas in fact that particular action plan is “scheduled” for the out years.

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