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On the Council agenda for the September 27th meeting there is a report regarding the trail from the GO train station north parking lot which goes up north to King Road.  This trail is an important piece of infrastructure contributing to our active transportation strategy. Having said that, the report only addresses the portion of the trail up to the point that it is behind the houses at the northern end of Hogan Court.  As the report explains this portion was built as part of the King Station phase three development and that it is now time for the municipality to assume the trail. As reported the municipality received funding from both provincial and federal government to enhance the trail with paving and some lighting. If it were a recreational trail I would regret the paving; but as it is intended as a way too reach the GO train without using a car I am supportive of the paving. I will be asking about the winter maintenance program.

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  1. Nancy Hopkinson says:

    Hi Debbie,
    When I read about this, I finally decided that my hubby and I should go and walk on this trail. We did and enjoyed our walk, although hubby commented that it would be better if we could not see the big houses on Hogan Court. Perhaps some trees could be planted to try to mitigate the impact of the nearby large houses. As to paving. We would not like this to be paved. It is much nicer underfoot to not have the paving. Anyone using this trail will not be in a hurry to get to the train station as this is a meandering trail. This goes against sustainability. Precipitation cannot get through a paved surface. We also walked along the trail that goes behind the other side of Hogan Court. The house at the north end, west side, in the backyard, has a swimming pool, and concrete. They have 3 downspouts which disappear under the concrete. Guess what… as we walked along the trail, we could clearly see 3 distinct wet areas. It had rained fairly recently before our walk, but this is a common problem. People do not want to have any infiltration on their lot and move the water to outside their lot. This should not be allowed.

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