Public Planning Meeting Oct. 12 (1 of 2)

On the agenda for the Tuesday, October 12 Public Planning meeting is an application for an Official Plan Amendment and a Zoning Bylaw Amendment for the property where the King City post office is currently located i.e. 20 Doctor’s Lane. Here is the notice for the meeting. Here is the Staff report.  As I look at the elevation plans I wonder if the property owner and the architect understand the this building is for King City. I think the architecture of this project is far more important than the building itself as I think that there is strong possibility of the whole area being redeveloped.  Public can register with [email protected] to make a deputation and/or they can send their questions and comments in via email.  Requests for deputations and emails for council review should be sent in by Tuesday noon hour.

2 Responses to “ “Public Planning Meeting Oct. 12 (1 of 2)”

  1. Bruce Criag says:

    Debbie, I agree that the architecture is very important for this key central location in King City. There needs to be a strong sense of place (King City) in redevelopment projects in the village core. Building materials, rooflines, architectural design elements and landscaping all contribute to the sense of place. I also believe that while we intensify we need to integrate green spaces and mature trees, as this is part of the village character and contributes to health and well-being. Thank you for keeping us all informed. JBC

  2. Ellen says:

    Hard to imagine a more unattractive building.

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