Restaurant & Drive-Through at Tatton Court

On October 18 council agenda there is a report recommending approval of a zoning bylaw amendment to facilitate a take- out restaurant with drive-through on Tottenham court in the King Ridge shopping centre.  At the public meeting on June 7 I raised questions  as to whether there is a conflict with the traffic flow for this restaurant and the Montessori school which is west of the proposed restaurant; this issue is not addressed in the report. I have an additional question now about traffic:  what will the impact be on residents of Stan Roots Street? And what are the plans to mitigate that impact? I think the latter is important as I would expect residents coming from the coming from west of the shopping centre (which includes high school students from the school west of the centre) may choose to use Stan Roots St.  I am disappointed that there is no comment on construction/design for energy conservation.  You can send comments to [email protected]; or you can register to make a deputation by contacting clerks by noon Monday, October 18.

4 Responses to “ “Restaurant & Drive-Through at Tatton Court”

  1. Neva Lorenzon says:

    I can think of four:
    Tim Horton’s – Kings Ridge Marketplace
    Starbucks – Springhill
    BMO – Bank of Montreal, Kings Ridge Marketplace
    Coppa’s – Instabuggy/Drive-thru Pick Up

  2. Bruce Craig says:

    Due to the Climate Emergency and health concerns, I believe there should be no more drive-throughs built in King. We need to stop idling in the drive-through lanes and be willing to get out of our cars. If I’m counting correctly, this will be the fourth or fifth drive-through built in King City in the past eight years. Before that there were no drive-throughs! JBC

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