Updating Village Urban Design Guidelines

If you want to influence how our three villages are evolving in terms of the look of new buildings and the streetscapes I encourage you to get involved with the review under way of the village urban design guidelines. it’s definitely time for an update as the current ones were done in 2006.  There are critical new considerations: need for a variety of housing units, multi residential units, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels for heating and cooling, our growth management strategy which includes intensification.  Virtual meetings focused on each of the three villages are scheduled. At SpeaKing you can read the draft discussion paper; for those interested specifically in King City the tape of the virtual open house held on October 6 will be posted there too.  The virtual open house for Schomberg is October 13 and for Nobleton is Oct. 14. Registration details for participation in these meetings is here.  Your input is very much wanted; participate in the open houses and/or contact Kristen Harrison at  [email protected] or 905 833 4065.

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