Save Don’t Pave!

In today’s Toronto Star 100+ groups – from community orgs to health groups to farmers – sent a strong message to Premier Ford: Don’t destroy Greenbelt lands! Cancel Highway 413 & the Bradford Bypass Expand to see the full ad #StopThe413 #StopTheBradfordBypass #onpoli
As time passes the opposition to both these projects grow:  in terms of the number of people, the variety of people and where they are from. Opposition is not just from those immediately affected.  Also the reasons for opposition is growing.  Recently an excellent article has been published in the King Weekly Sentinel reviewing the significant cultural heritage at Holland Landing which will be paved over by the Bradford Bypass.  You can read it here in the November 25 issue, pages 16 & 17.





2 Responses to “ “Save Don’t Pave!”

  1. Erik says:

    York peel and Halton will see the largest growth of all municipalities in the region over the next 20 years. Over 35% growth. Infrastructure must be built to accommodate this massive growth. Posts and groups like this are simply myopic. The highway infrastructure is not the problem the massive growth to the region is the issue Fight that not the required infrastructure that must accompany this growth. Sadly issues like slowing population growth do not fit into the left liberal virtue politics. I continue to laugh when theses anti growth crowds are out protesting when I ask where they live they tell me one of the new subdivisions in king I then tell them what a lovely natural area that was before developers built the massive gaudy mansions on the land And then I tell them how we protested and didn’t want their subdivision built – they usually don’t get it !

    Stop key transportation infrastructure like this and our region will be crippled decades from now you target highways as the evil however they are just a response to the massive population growth on the region. As liberal like to say we must understand the root cause of the problem. It’s not the highways or the ford government Itbos the unbridled growth to the region

    • Debbie says:

      Hello Erik, There is much with which I agree: the root cause of the problem is too much growth is being assigned to York Region. How does that happen? 1) The region has not grown from 2012-2019 as forecasted (44% and 7% less for population/employment); the future projections do not “correct” the gap and the same poor methodolgy is being used. 2) The Province weakens the restrictions on expanding urban boundaries and reduces intensification targets. All this promotes and enables sprawl. At each step in this sad story there has been opposition from those (including me) who you are characterising as “virtue signallers” as they/we protest against new highways. What drives me to protest is that there are alternatives which can be built to provide the means for all the traffic to move which is being created because of points 1 and 2. But yes, more of the growth should be directed to the metropolitan areas and not to the rural areas where there is no infrastructure and where we should be growing our food. I feel the need to respond to your disparaging comments about King City. When the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan was enacted (2001) settlement areas were established; all the new subdivisions to which you refer are within the settlement area. Our urban boundary has not been changed.

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