Trees of Giving


If you haven’t cast your vote for the best Tree of Giving yet do plan to visit the Heritage & Cultural Centre in the next couple days; last day is December 18th.  The variety is incredible. The imagination of some of the community groups is outstanding.  The diligent execution of each is remarkable.

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  1. Nancy Hopkinson says:

    My husband and I spent some time admiring the various groups’ efforts and how unbelievably different they were and how many expressed what their organization was about by how they approached their decorating. It was fantastic. I like how they have changed how the money is handled, as in the past, it was totally honour system and you could remove money out of the buckets. Now you pay $2 for each wooden King token that you want to put into the various buckets. Every once in a while, the amount of tokens must have got low, so a little sticky note was put on the bottom of the pail to indicate how many tokens were taken out of the bucket. Every tree was really good. So if you decorated a tree and did not get many tokens, you still did a great job. Many thanks to the various groups who participated this year. We loved looking in great detail at each tree. If you have not come already, make a point of getting over to see them.

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