Go Slower on the 17th (Dufferin-Jane)

On May 9th Council agenda there is a staff report recommending that the speed limit on the 17th sideroad between Dufferin St. and Jane St. be reduced from 60 kilometres an hour to 50. Per the report the reduced speed is being implemented in response to complaints from residents living on the 17th Sideroad. Volume of traffic is increasing and speed is also. If you would like to comment send your email to [email protected] or you can register at [email protected] to make a deputation; please register by noon on Monday May 9.

One Response to “ “Go Slower on the 17th (Dufferin-Jane)”

  1. Graham Wyndham-West says:

    Debbie this is an excellent idea as some people go way too fast along this section of the 17th.
    I complained to council some years ago about speeding and about overtaking on the section between # 2480 and 2550 – a blind hill (between Keele and Jane).

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