13735 Hwy 27 Development

On June 27 council agenda there is a staff report recommending draft approval for a draft plan of subdivision and approval of a zoning bylaw amendment for a development at the southeast corner of highway 27 and 15th Sideroad.  The subdivision will be comprised of maximum 170 single detached dwellings and natural heritage features such as wetland and woodlands; and there is a proposal to have a joint location of stormwater management facilities and active Parkland.  There is possibility of fewer dwellings than indicated above as the report includes consideration of maintaining the heritage farm house and the immediate surrounding context.  As noted in report there has been some changes on the plan since the public meeting in November 2020 including change of ownership.

I am very pleased that there is serious consideration of maintaining the heritage farmhouse at 13735 Highway 27. The report says that the proponent has agreed that if the brick house on the property  is designated it will  be incorporated into the subdivision plan. I wish a plan of such had been included in the report so we could see just how this will be done. Once restored this house will be a touchstone to recognize the history of Nobleton. Furthermore, as we are in a climate emergency it is truly wasteful on our part to be throwing out all the carbon spent to make the bricks 100 plus years ago.

There are a couple outbuildings dating from the 70’s and 80’s which were part of the working farm.  Demolition of them is proposed as they are “not considered heritage” and some are in poor repair.  Given my comment above about “wasting the carbon previously spent” one might argue that this proposed demolition is also not appropriate.  I am not arguing that,however,  as there is no use for those buildings in the future.

The proposal to have  joint location of stormwater management facilities and active parkland is a new concept in King but it has been done elsewhere.

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