JaneKing Holdings

On June 27 Council agenda there is a staff report recommending Council endorse the Municipal Capital Facility Agreement between the Township and JaneKing Holdings and others as identified in the report.   The proponent owns lands east of Jane and south of the property owned by Blackwood (the former Magna lands). The MCFA is an agreement which documents a voluntary contribution to King between $4-8 million for municipal infrastructure and community benefits within the village of King City. The agreement is independent of the land owners receiving council approvals for the development through the typical public planning process. There was statutory public meeting in February 2021; the current.proposal is for approximately 276 units. The report on June 27 2022 is solely focused on the MCFA.

if you choose to follow the link for the February 2021 public meeting you will see that it covers both the  includes an application called King Hill which sits immediately on south side of King Rd; the JaneKing holdings are south of King Hill and have been sold.  the MCFA is with the proponent who continues to ownthe JaneKing lands.

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